School Reuse

The schools of old in Philadelphia, such as the Nathaniel Hawthorne School shown above, are architectural wonders. Hardwood floors, large windows, and detailed exteriors have allowed some of Philadelphia’s past/present learning institutions to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Fast forward 100 years to today…
The Philadelphia School District recently calculated that they now have 70,000 empty seats when looking at their entire collection of schools as a whole. Now that they know, what should they do? There are options, some of which are included in this article.
The real question is, what would you do if you were the one making the decision for the school district? Please feel free to share your ideas.

High speed rail, in Philly?

This would definitely be an ideal travel option in the Northeastern US, among other areas. There are many major cities, they are closer to each other than most other parts of the US, and it would help alleviate air traffic/congestion/prices. Have you ever been to Europe? Train travel options in most of Western Europe are so convenient that most people opt for trains over planes/cars.
I’m sold. How about you?