NextFab Studio | Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia

I bet you thought I was going to say City of Brotherly Love, right? Or maybe, City of Awesomeness … I kid, I kid.

Nope, “City of Makers.”

I found this article to be super-interesting for a few reasons. First, I always enjoy reading about older cities that are reinventing themselves and finding new life through creative jobs/economies. Second, it’s a solid article about Philadelphia and it highlights our small business manufacturing culture. And third, it talks about cool neighborhoods with unique things to do.

All very helpful and insightful, which is why I’m sharing it with all of you readers out there.

Here is one part that really caught my attention:

“In the early 1700s, immigrants sought their fortunes in the one colony that didn’t require a tithe to the Church — Pennsylvania. By 1740, Philadelphia was the largest city in the colonies — an engine of industry. One German observer wrote in 1754: “Pennsylvania is heaven for farmers, paradise for artisans and hell for officials and preachers.” This “paradise for artisans” has gone through a rebirth in recent years, revitalizing Philadelphia’s flagging neighborhoods and bringing a distinctive creative energy to each.”

Some of the neighborhoods discussed include Graduate Hospital, Fishtown, and Old City. Not only are these 3 areas attractive and popular places to live, but they each have a unique, forward-thinking, localized culture. For those looking to live in cities these days, who wouldn’t want the option to have their own business, walk to work (and also to restaurants, grocery stores, etc), enjoy a car-free lifestyle, and have the potential to get involved and be a voice within your own neighborhood.

These are all reasons why urban populations are rising once again.

It’s articles like this one that define why I enjoy blogging so much. That, and the fact that I like bringing positive press to local readers in Philadelphia and its surrounding towns.

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