Germantown is a part of Philadelphia that is unique to almost anywhere else in the city. It has tons of history, incredible architecture, a functional Main Street, lots of public transportation options, close access to Fairmount Park, and beautiful tree lined streets.

Based on everything I just listed, it almost sounds like it should be a top neighborhood choice in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, it’s not. Why?

As stated in this article, Germantown lacks cohesiveness from its residents. After its largest community group (Germantown Settlement) went down in flames last year after the city discovered corruption and a total misuse of funds, the neighborhood is struggling to find firm footing. The good news is, they’re trying.

Germantown has the potential to be just as successful (if not more successful) than its 2 neighbors to the west, Mt Airy and Chestnut Hill, but it will need a solid plan of action to attract the right investors and concerned neighbors to follow through.

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