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… And they’re actually well-thought-out reasons.

Obviously, all of you regular readers out there already know that I love Philadelphia. For those who are not regular readers, all you need to do is go through some of my past blog posts.

It’s where I was born (Well, in Abington; so technically, 3 miles outside of city limits), it’s where I went to school (Go Explorers), it’s where I live (What’s up, Roxborough), and it’s where I will be managing my first, local real estate office in the coming months ahead (again; What’s up, Roxborough).

But hey, because I have love for the City of Brotherly Love, my opinion can sometimes be considered biased; it’s cool. What I have done in the past with my blog, and what I continue to do today, is try to provide insightful information about Philadelphia (and its surrounding area) through local news, as well as through national/international news.

It helps keep things interesting, and takes some of the biases out.

Zillow recently published an article about Philadelphia, on, and they did a really nice job. Not only does it start out by saying what locals already know, “If you’ve seen the Liberty Bell and had a cheesesteak, you’ve likely spent a day in Philadelphia; but beyond the tourist sites and skyscrapers lies a city of neighborhoods undergoing a cultural renaissance,” but it really goes into some decent detail regarding why each one of the “10 Good Reasons” is true.

I would not be sharing this article, and blogging about it, if I didn’t agree with their logic myself.

Local Philadelphian Kristen Hampton was quoted as saying, “Neighborhoods and the communities they foster are still highly valued, and neighbors look out for each other. Also, this is a city full of history, cultural richness, and some of the best food you’ll ever taste.” That statement could not be any more true.

Nice job, Kristen!

It’s a great article, and some well-deserved praise for Philly; enjoy.

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  1. It was interesting to read an outsider's view of Philly neighborhoods. I've been teaching a course on urban neighborhoods at Temple this fall, and each student had to present a Philly neighborhood's story from 1950 to today. The presentations showed how many neighborhoods have gained wider recognition and popularity in this new century. Thanks for posting this story, Tim!

  2. Good stuff, David.

    Thanks for commenting.

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